Hotel Die Sonne Frankenberg

….The redesigned four-star "Sonne Frankenberg" hotel has been open since 15 June 2007 in Frankenberg in the northern part of the German State of Hesse., Working with a team of interior designers, architects and other creative minds and in less than a year, Markenwelt's revamp heralded a new era for the hotel and its restaurant.

In a second tranche of building work between 2008 and 2010, the "Sonne Frankenberg" was extended to include a wellness area of approximately 1,000 square metres, 10 additional rooms and a suite of rooms in the building opposite. As part of this extension project and with a view to the diversity of the clientele, the restaurant facilities in the hotel were also revamped, sensitively redesigned and co-ordinated by MARKENWELT so as to delineate clearly between the different types of gastro experience on offer.

The great love of detail within what are partly historic old walls, not to mention the sensitive way in which the fabric of this protected building has been dealt with, has meant that the "Sonne Frankenberg" hotel is now one of Frankenberg's real treasures and a hot insiders’ tip.

different restaurant concepts

...The new redesign for the four-star hotel ‘Die Sonne Frankenberg’ in the North Hessian town of Frankenberg opened on June 15, 2007. In less than a year, Markenwelt has managed to usher in a new era for the hotel and its restaurants. The work was done with a team of interior designers, architects and creative minds.


MARKENWELT designed and harmonised four concepts, keeping in mind the varied clientele and creating a clearly defined range of offers for each sector.